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Greg & Kaline FoxIn 1996, Gregory and Kaline Fox founded Liberty Web Hosting and Design.

Unhappy in his current business of providing accounting and tax services, since 1991, Gregory saw the opportunity that the internet could provide for businesses in their marketing and commerce. Taking action, they created Liberty Web Hosting and Design to provide those website design and internet solutions to small to medium-sized businesses.

Shortly after, he wrote an e-commerce shopping cart solution called “eCommerceCart”, which was marketed for about 5 years. Even today, clients use it.

Since the beginning, Agility Internet Solutions has worked with companies of all sizes. Having expanded to a team of programmers and designers, we have provided solutions for the small “Mom and Pop” businesses to large worldwide corporations, tailoring specifically to their needs.

We have developed and programmed applications in many languages like ASP/MSSQL, PHP/MySQL, Perl, Javascript, HTML, XHTML.

In January 2010, we changed our name to Agility Internet Solutions because we are — “Creating the Internet Since 1996”.

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