Gutenberg Release for WordPress 5.0 and the Reason for the Upgrade

Gutenberg Release for WordPress 5.0 and the Reason for the Upgrade

If you are a fan of WordPress or for any reason you’ve become a regular user of it, then you must have been as excited as I was at the announcement of a new version, maybe even more. Of course, it’s not the first time a new version is being rolled out, but each time we hear of a new version, we’re naturally excited because of what it means – new and more amazing features. For the 5.0 we are not surprised that there is so much fuss about it. All the buzz we hear are not entirely unrelated to these two words: Gutenberg Editor.

Heard the word Gutenberg before? Does it ring a bell? It does. Who’s not heard about the German guy from as far back as the 1400s?

No. We are not talking about him. The Gutenberg we are talking about is a complete redesign of the WordPress editor. We expect the new WordPress 5.0 sometimes in mid-November, and we know that once it launches, a lot will change about the processes people take in creating contents using WordPress.

Yeah, we know that some scare can come with accepting this big leap. After all, we all often find it difficult to accept big changes to our favorite platforms, but one thing is certain: with time when it comes up and running, and you begin to adapt to all the new and exciting features, you’ll be happy the upgrade ever came.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the reasons for the recent upgrade to WordPress 5.0.

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We’ve read that the creators and core developers of the new version have the basic intent to make WordPress as futuristic as possible. They want to keep it as forward moving as possible and not been left behind as modern inventions spring up. They know that most of their current styles and features are gradually becoming obsolete in terms of technology, hence the need an upgrade.

WordPress may have maintained quite an exciting percentage of the market share, but the truth is that other CMS platforms are putting in lots of work into aligning themselves with modern technologies to make them better. Some of them have even gradually surpassed WordPress in usage ease, making it easier for users to navigate the process of building websites. There’s also the drag and stop template that we’ve seen other platforms adopt so quickly. Drag and drop templates are the waves of the moment, but WordPress does not feature this functionality out of the box, hence the strong need for this update.

Drag and drop templates and content blocks are the waves of the moment, and their popularity is chiefly because of the following reasons:

  • Website Availability
  • Ease of usage
  • Quick implement
  • Very convenient for building posts and pages

Most of these features in the past were relegated to third-party plugins and really good technical know-how, but with this upgrade, we expect to see them integrated to the core of WordPress offering seamless usage.

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