Why Does E-Commerce Fail?

Why does E-Commerce fail?

The last couple of years, we all have seen the amusing growth of e-commerce globally. Major companies like Amazon, eBay, and Newegg achieved the international reputation for being the fastest growing examples of e-Commerce. However, e-Commerce is now not only limited to large business, but also small and medium business are also concentrating on eCommerce to succeed with their products. According to Forrester, a well-known market research company, online sales of e-Commerce sites will account for 17% of all US retail sales by 2022. Unsurprisingly, in these days of the revolution, 8 out of 10 e-Commerce sites fails due to lack of experience, strategy, and few other certain issues.

So, for those small and medium entrepreneurs who are doing fine but want to do better migrating their business to a successful E-Commerce, here are few things to remember about why e-Commerce fails:

Forced registration: If you are going to develop an E-Commerce site for your business, or starting a new E-Commerce business from scratch, the first thing you need is an eye-catching website for showcasing your products. In this case, before developing the site, you must remember to avoid the forced registration page from your site. About 52 percent of new customer avoids registering without not knowing what you have to offer, and it is the most common and annoying reason for failing an E-Commerce from the beginning.

Organizing product categories: When a new visitor visits an E-Commerce website, 3 out of 5 times they struggle to find the exact categories of what they want. Wide and long-range categories aren’t bad unless you are someone like Amazon. If not, try to avoid making too many categories and minimize the broad products into few categories. However, don’t mix irrational products in a category because that will be a disaster for the visitors.

Return Policy: Return policy is a major issue for the fall of an E-Commerce. 63% of the total consumers take a while to make a quick inquiry about the Return Policy of the visited sites. Unfortunate yet true, that’s a too many potential sales to convince your business. In order to make sales to these people, you have to make a return policy in place and of course a good one! If you can make a friendly return policy, it can make sure of taking back of 48% of the previous clients making them repeated consumers for you.

No Customer Support: Not having a Customer Support for an E-Commerce is enough to fail the business. The recent trend of the eCommerce companies is 24/7 live support and it’s obviously a way to attract clients attention and improving customer relations. If you don’t have human resources to support your clients, make sure to develop a Live Chat Bot on your site. Majority of the buyers’ online love to chat whether it’s human or the artificial intelligence, before purchasing their products.

Unqualified traffic: We all know, the more traffics there are, the more sales an e-Commerce can get. But this isn’t always the valid method. Sometimes, irrelevant and unqualified traffic can decrease the sales ratio. Thus, develop your e-Commerce site with proper SEO, contents, and products to drive related consumers on your site. Make sure to get feedback from the consumers and improve the site accordingly.

Above are some of the major reasons behind the fall of an e-Commerce as well as what you should do to avoid those situations. Most of the team and entrepreneurs slip through these type of thoughts while starting an E-Commerce, and that’s enough for the fall of their business. Make sure to develop your eCommerce site from the experienced team of developers who prioritize your business and avoids above terms.

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